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Eating Snacks and Brushing

Curriculum Expectations
6.1, 6.2, 6.3

See the Kindergarten Program 2016 for details on the specific expectations.

Lesson Learning Goals
By the end of the lesson children will be able to:
  • understand the effects of healthy living on the body

  • investigate the benefits of nutritious foods and explore ways of ensuring healthy eating

  • practice and discuss appropriate oral hygiene that promotes personal health.




See-through plastic containers with lids (e.g., salad dressing bottles)

Pancake syrup

Apple juice

Apple slices


Apricots or raisins

Safety mirrors (one per group)

2 small objects or pieces of fruit to represent teeth



Assessment Opportunity

EL-K Team observation of children’s demonstrated understanding of the effects of healthy living, healthy eating and oral hygiene can be recorded on the Anecdotal Recording Chart.

Sticky/Not Sticky

Fill one container 1/3 full with apple juice and another 1/3 full of pancake syrup. Allow children time to observe, manipulate, explore, and discuss contents of the containers during activity time. Provide vocabulary if necessary (e.g., sticky/not sticky, moves slowly/quickly, sticks to the sides of the container etc.). During group time, allow time for children to discuss their discoveries. Place an object or piece of fruit in each container to represent a tooth and discuss what they notice happens to the fruit. Discuss the effects of these two substances on teeth.

Provide a snack of two foods: one sticky (e.g., dates, apricots or raisins) and the second not sticky (e.g., apple slices). Children eat the snack and, in small groups, use a mirror to observe their teeth to see if the food is stuck to their teeth. Discuss the importance of caring for teeth and proper brushing technique.

Notes to EL-K Team
  • Note allergies and food restrictions prior to serving food to a class.
  • Always read labels for product ingredients and the warnings related to allergies (especially peanuts).
  • Encourage children to bring a healthy daily snack to school.
  • Consider providing children with a recording chart for weekly tooth brushing.
Eating Snacks and Brushing
Connection Questions to Expand and Enhance Play
  • What effects do unhealthy snacks have on your teeth?
  • What food choices could you make to keep your body healthy?
  • Why is it important to brush our teeth after eating sticky foods?