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Travelling Along, Over and Under

Curriculum Expectations
7.1, 8.1, 8.2

See the Kindergarten Program 2016 for details on the specific expectations.

Lesson Learning Goals
By the end of the lesson children will be able to:
  • participate actively in creative movement

  • demonstrate spatial awareness using large muscles

  • demonstrate control of large muscles.


Gymnasium or outdoors


1-2 benches

6 mats

2-4 markers/cones

3-4 skipping ropes

4 hurdles

2-4 chairs

1-2 metre sticks

1-2 pool noodles cut in half


Inspect activity area for safe traction and eliminate potential hazards. Clearly outline the boundaries for the activity making sure there is a safe distance between the activity area and the walls. Remind children to be cautious when moving, and to be aware of personal space.

Assessment Opportunity

EL-K Team observation of children’s demonstrated application of use and control of large muscles and spatial awareness while moving creatively can be recorded on the Anecdotal Recording Chart.

Travelling Stations

Set up four stations around the activity space and divide the class between the stations. Children explore each station for 3 – 4 minutes.

Station 1: Set up two benches with mats on both sides of the benches. Children explore walking along the bench backward, forward or with one foot on and one foot off the bench.

Station 2: Place two to four chairs in a line on top of a mat. Children explore moving under and around the chairs (e.g., crawl underneath the chairs, and then skip, hop and gallop around the chairs).

Station 3: Place two to four hurdles (use a metre stick, skipping rope or pool noodles balanced between two pylons). Children explore jumping over the hurdles. Children experiment with jumping different ways (two feet, one foot, standing jump, running jump).

Station 4: Put three to four skipping ropes on the ground. Children explore moving over the ropes (e.g., jump back and forth over it with their feet together, with a one-legged hop, etc.).

Notes to EL-K Team
  • Review and demonstrate expectations and safety reminders for each station.
  • Review skills of jumping – horizontal and vertical.
  • When the signal to rotate stations is given, have children stop and point to their next station.
  • If a child needs help, you should hold his or her hand as she or he travels along the length of the bench.
  • Remind children to be careful when jumping over objects.
Travelling Along, Over and Under
Connection Questions to Expand and Enhance Play
  • How did you make sure you were moving safely at the different stations?
  • What were your body and muscles doing to help you successfully go through the various stations?
  • Which was the hardest station and why? Which was the easiest station and why?