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Wallet Wellness
Financial Literacy
Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours
4 - 8

Wallet Wellness is a free financial literacy resource designed to provide children and youth with a strong understanding of financial basics in order to successfully navigate today’s complex financial world.

Updated Activity Cards! Wallet Wellness’ easy-to-use, downloadable activity cards now include cross-curricular connections to language and math curriculum in addition to integrating financial literacy into the Grade 4-8 Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum. These direct links to language and math expectations make it easier to use these activities in various lessons and settings, while providing further links to every-day-life.  Each activity card focuses on specific financial literacy concepts and skills connected to Healthy Living topics, including: healthy eating, substance use, abuse and related behaviours.

Wallet Wellness also includes a supporting Facilitators Guide and videos.  The conversation starter videos support the activity cards and explore practical situations where students use critical thinking skills to make decisions within a financial literacy and health context. 

The professional learning videos for educators look to expand their knowledge of the linkages between financial literacy and the Grade 4-8 H&PE curriculum.


Wallet Wellness is also available in French as Le bien-être et ton portefeuille.


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