One-Handed Strike with Implement (Racquet) | Ophea Teaching Tools

One-Handed Strike with Implement (Racquet)

Application of force to a moving or stationary object using a racquet with the intention of projecting the object in a forwards direction. 

One-Handed Strike with Implement (Racquet)
  • Grip the racquet
  • Focus eyes on the object
  • Assume a ready position with the knees slightly bent and the body turned sideways
  • Swing the racquet backwards
  • Transfer body weight slightly to the back leg
  • Maintain focus on the object
  • Swing the racquet forwards to strike the object with complete arm extension
  • Transfer body weight to the front leg with trunk rotation
  • Follow through around the body with the racquet in the intended direction of the object
I can also...
  • play badminton
  • play tennis
  • play squash
Self Check Questions:
  • Do I move my feet to get into position before getting ready to strike?
  • Do I maximize force by swinging the racquet backwards before striking the object?
  • Can I anticipate when to strike a moving object?