Run | Ophea Teaching Tools


A quick leg movement where for one moment in each step both feet are off the ground.

  • Lean the body slightly forward and look ahead
  • Raise lifting knee high
  • Contact the ground with the heel when running slowly or with the ball of the foot when running quickly
  • Push off with the balls of the feet
  • Swing arms backwards and forwards from shoulders with arms at hip height
  • Bend elbows at right angles and move them in opposition to the legs
I can also...
  • participate in track and field
  • play basketball
  • hike
Self Check Questions:
  • Is my head up, looking in the direction I’m running?
  • Is my right arm moving forward at the same time as my left leg is moving forward?
  • Am I pushing off the ground with each step?
  • Am I able to change the speed of my run from slow to fast to slow again?