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Target Activities

Activities which require accuracy and control. Players attempt to send an object to a target, while avoiding obstacles, to get their object closer than their opponent’s to the target.

Target Activities
progression of

Close proximity to target (offensive)

Sends and aims for accuracy towards a target of appropriate size and distance

moderately complex

Avoiding Obstacles (offensive)

Manipulates an object with spins/turns to avoid and get around obstacles


Defending Space (defensive)

Defends space by placing obstacles in the way to make it difficult for the opposition to hit the target in order to maintain an advantage

living skills connections:
  • What skills did you use to overcome obstacles in the game?
  • What did you do to keep trying your best?
  • What are different ways to work together as a team?
these strategies transfer to:
  • playing bocce
  • playing bowling
  • playing wheelchair curling
tactical awareness:
  • What are effective ways to try to avoid obstacles when aiming for a target?
  • Why is it important to use different amounts of force?
  • What are effective ways to ensure aim and accuracy of your shots?