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Territory Activities

Activities which require moving as a team to advance an object into the other team’s zone in order to score points. Territory activities require control to keep the object away from the opposing team. 

Territory Activities
progression of

Maintaining possession (offensive)

Controls the object by communicating with teammates and making short passes

moderately complex

Defending Space (defensive)

Matches an opponent by marking his or her movements and defending space


Create Space (offensive)

Creates space by using formations which cover the entire playing area and placing object away from defenders

living skills connections:
  • What strategies did you use to communicate with your teammates in territory activities?
  • What helps you make fast decisions on the move when playing territory activities?
  • What made your team successful when you had possession of the object?
these strategies transfer to:
  • playing sledge hockey
  • playing basketball
  • playing soccer
tactical awareness:
  • What are effective ways to create space when in possession of the object?
  • What are effective ways to try to maintain possession of the object in order to score points?
  • What are effective ways for defenders to try and prevent a successful pass?