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Trap/Block with Implement (Stick)

Controlling or stopping the movement of an object using an implement.

Trap/Block with Implement (Stick)
  • Move into the path of the object to intercept it
  • Maintain eye contact with the object
  • Assume a ready position with a strong base of support
  • Present a large surface of the implement to trap or block the object
  • As the object strikes the implement, cushion the object to absorb the impact
  • Control the object by slightly moving the implement in the same direction as the object’s motion
I can also...
  • play field hockey
  • play scooter hockey
  • play ringette
Self Check Questions:
  • Do I follow the path of the object and move my body to intercept it?
  • Am I able to control the object by cushioning it with my implement?
  • Do I use my implement safely, keeping it down near the floor?