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Volley (Strike with Hand)

Delivering an upward force to a moving ball using the palms and fingers with the hands placed above the head.

Volley (Strike with Hand)
  • Place the hands above the forehead, making a triangle-shape with the thumbs and index fingers
  • Bend the arms with the elbows at a 45° angle and pointed to the sides
  • Maintain eye contact with the ball
  • Move body under the ball
  • At the moment of impact the hands are above the forehead keeping feet shoulder width apart and staggered
  • Send the ball upwards with the finger tips
  • Extend through the arms and legs simultaneously
  • Follow through with the hands in the intended direction of the ball
I can also...
  • play beach volleyball
  • play court volleyball
  • play balloonminton
Self Check Questions:
  • Am I ready to receive a ball at all times with my knees bent, head up and arms relaxed but ready?
  • Do I move my feet to get under the ball before contact?
  • Do I volley the ball with my fingertips without “lifting” it?