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    Inspired by Images

    What is it all about?
    • Use images and a Gallery Walk to help students consolidate their learning about behaviours and actions that can lead to unnecessary risk. Students then create a performance to share their learning with others and promote behaviours that reduce injury and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This activity may be used at the end of a unit of learning.
    Curriculum Connections
    • Grade 11: C1.2, C2.1, C3.2
    How is it done?
    • Find and post images around the instruction space that depict risk-taking behaviours appropriate to the age and developmental stage of the students.
    • Have students complete a Gallery Walk individually or in small groups, reflecting on the message each image conveys.
    • Have students reflect what they have learned about the social and financial impact of risk-taking behaviours and actions and how to promote healthy behaviours in order to reduce the risk of injury.
    • Have students select the images that most capture their attention.
    • Have students each use one or more images as inspiration to create and perform a skit that tells the story behind the image and communicates what they have learned about what influences youth to engage in or refrain from potentially harmful or dangerous behaviours.
    • After each skit, have students share what they hoped to convey through their performance and any additional learnings not included in the performance.
    • Encourage the rest of the class to provide constructive feedback.
    • Facilitate a group debriefing session. Have students reflect on what they learned, their and others’ reaction to the work of their peers, and what the group as a whole can take away from the activity to support the well-being of both self and others.
    What may be needed?
    • Images related to risk-taking behaviours and actions for the selected age and developmental stage of the students

    • Space for students to complete a Gallery Walk

    • Gallery Walk graphic organizer for students to record their reflections on

    Opportunities for assessment
    • Observe students as they complete their Gallery Walk and reflect on their learning in small groups.
    • Collect the Gallery Walk notes from students to assess what they have learned and to determine further learning that may be needed.
    Ideas for Extension
    • After students have completed their Gallery Walk, conduct a large-group discussion about the message each image conveys in order to help students consolidate their learning before demonstrating it through their performance.
    • After all groups have performed their skits for their peers, have the class generate alternative endings to the last scene of each skit.
    Educator notes
    • Moderate the post-performance discussion, ensuring class feedback remains constructive, correcting any misinformation presented in the scene, and answering any questions that may arise, referring to relevant resources as needed.
    • If any potentially offensive or problematic content comes up in a performance, do not react in a disciplinary manner, but correct it.
    • Acknowledge humour as a useful tool for strengthening memory, building confidence, and increasing self-efficacy that also helps to combat stigma and diffuse awkwardness.