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    RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) Strategy

    RAFT is an acronym for Role, Audience, Format, and Topic. These four words are used as headings across the top of a grid, and a number of options are created in each row accordingly. Students read across the rows to learn the role they are going to assume, the audience they will address, the format of the artwork they will produce, and the topic they are going to explore. Students choose an option or the educator selects it for them. Alternatively, students may select their Role, Audience, Format, and Topic from the samples provided by and with guidance from the educator. A RAFT chart can be created to address student interests (through the topic and audience), student learning preferences (through the format), and various readiness levels (by varying the difficulty).

    Sample RAFT

    Statement of Learning Goal: We are learning about the factors that enhance our well-being and the impact of substance use and addictive behaviours on our well-being. We are learning to apply our personal and interpersonal skills to respond to challenging situations involving substance use, addictions, and behaviours that are related to these addictions.





      Music Artist

      Youth (teenage) fans


      “My songs reflect how my family, friends, and fans have kept me strong and helped me resist the peer pressure and temptations related to being famous. These lyrics are for you.”

      Youth magazine vlogger (video logger)


      Vlog response to a youth's query

      “Help! I have been drinking a lot and experimenting with drugs at parties recently. My friends say that it is really affecting my body and my life. I want to fit in. They worry that I will get a criminal record if I am caught. I don’t know why I can’t break away, and I don’t know what to do.”

      Drug clinic counsellor

      Client with a substance use issue

      Skit or role-play between counsellor and client

      “If you are dealing with a substance use issue, we can help you to understand the impacts of drugs on your body. I can help you with the support and resources you need. Let’s get started.”

      Person recovering from an alcohol addiction

      Grade 12 class

      Personal testimonial

      “My friends encouraged me to try a drink. I tried so hard to stop but couldn’t break away from the pressure. I was in trouble with the police, and my family accused me of dropping out of life. But with support and counselling, I have received the help I need to recover, and today I am telling my story to you!”

      Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving

      School population

      Pictures with captions used for a whole-school performance

      “Drug use affects more than just you—your decisions affect your relationships, your schooling, and the safety of others. Don’t know where to go? Help is available!”

      School welcome crew

      Grade 9s

      Slide show presentation with speech

      Understand why youth get involved in drugs; Know the facts about substance use; Learn strategies to say no

      Teen idol

      All teens

      A book of songs, raps, and/or poems

      Stop Before You Start!; How Did It Get To This?; No Is the Hardest Word; Lost; The Long Road Ahead; I Am More Than This