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    First Nations Inspired DPA

    Physical Activity
    Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
    1 - 8

    Ophea’s First Nations Inspired Daily Physical Activities (DPA) resource makes it easy and fun to incorporate DPA into school or community programs for primary, junior and intermediate students (ages 5-14).

    The free online resource was developed in consultation with First Nations educators and not only helps to get children and youth active but to improve their self-esteem, increase their readiness to learn, and create a healthier school or community environment.

    Resource Features Include:

    • 30 activity cards and related support materials that incorporate First Nations culture and traditions
    • Ophea’s 50 Fitness Activities and Stretching Guide
    • Easy access to all materials online (downloadable pdfs)

    Let’s Get Moving! Click on the Activities link on the right to get started!

    First Nations Inspired Daily Physical Activity is also available in French as L'APQ inspirée de la culture des Premières Nations.

    Ophea's First Nations Inspired Daily Physical Activities is funded by the Government of Ontario.