Mix It Up | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Mix It Up

    Physical Activity Level
    • Moderate Vigorous

    • Gymnasium

    • Multipurpose

      • 2 chairs or pylons

      • 3-5 pinnies, shirts or flags

      • 4-8 small balls or beanbags

      • Appendix B

      • Masking tape

      • Station Cards (see GETTING ACTIVE)

      • Towels/sheets

    Safety Considerations

    Ensure that students are aware of a safe movement pattern between the stations. Remind students to be aware of the personal space of others as they move.


    Students will actively and safely explore movement through a variety of fitness stations.

    Warm Up

    Turtle Tag

    • Choose 3–5 students to be turtle “taggers”. Use pinnies (or alternative) to differentiate them from the rest of the class, who are “turtles”.
    • The taggers are “It” and must try to tag the turtles.
    • Turtles can assume a “home free” position to prevent being tagged, by lying on their back with legs and arms extended toward the ceiling (like a turtle on its shell). Taggers cannot tag a turtle in this position or stand guard over them.
    • Turtles may use the “home free” position up to three times in the game, and for only three seconds each time.
    • Once turtles are tagged before they are able to use their three turtle “home free” positions, they sit down on the spot where they were tagged. They now become obstacles for others to run around. After sitting for a count of ten, the turtles can re-enter the game.
    • Remind turtles to be honest about using the “home-free” position only three times.
    Getting Active


    Set up 10 fitness stations around the activity area by pasting the station cards on the wall. Students divide into groups of 2–3 and select a starting station. Students work at their station for 1-2 minutes until you signal for them to move to the next one.

    Station 1 - Running Wall Ball: While running on the spot, students play catch against the wall, using a tennis ball/utility ball (standing 2 metres from the wall). They can try different tricks before each catch (e.g., clap, clap under one leg, touch floor, full turn).

    Station 2 - Splits Handball: With feet placed as wide apart as possible, students bend at waist with knees slightly flexed. They use a tapping motion with alternating open hands to quickly hit a ball (e.g., tennis, utility, beach or volleyball) against the lowest metre-section of a wall that is 1–2 metres away.

    Station 3 - Push-Up Hockey: In a head-to-head push-up position, partners spaced 1 metre apart try to send a beanbag along the floor between the other person’s hands (i.e., the goal). The “goalie” must do a push-up for every goal allowed. Students alternate “shooters” after every try. (Adaptation: students can be in a push-up position on knees instead of toes.)

    Station 4 - Crabby 8: Students crab-walk (on all fours with back facing ground), head-first, around one chair/pylon and then around another, in a figure-8 movement pattern.

    Station 5 - Hop-Spot: For each student, mark 4 corners of a 1m x 2m rectangle on the floor with masking tape “Xs” and place an X in the centre. Students try different foot-hopping combinations as they move onto each of the 5 Xs. They should try to be creative (e.g., single foot, double feet, twirl).

    Station 6 - Lacrosse Moves: Students raise a hand and pretend to receive a pass, weave on alternating feet as if moving around players, and then throw hard as if shooting the ball into the net.

    Station 7 - Sledding: One student sits on a towel or sheet, while a partner pulls them around the activity area.

    Station 8 - Climbing the Mountain: Start in a push up position. Raise one knee, then alternate with the other knee, as if climbing a mountain. Do this 10 times quickly.

    Station 9 - Count by 5s: Students do 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 15 wall jumps, 20 jumping jacks, and a 25-count run on the spot.

    Station 10 - Crabby Can-Can: From a crab-walk position, students alternately kick a foot toward the ceiling. They can also try lifting the right hand, then the left hand.

    Cool Down

    Stretch On

    • Students walk in a circle around the outside of the activity area. As they walk along the length, they stretch high. As they walk along the width, they stretch low.
    • Encourage deep breathing and slow movement.
    • Lead (or ask a student to lead) a series of stretches. Consult the examples in Appendix B.
    Other Considerations
    • For Station 3, you could use small groups in multiples of 2.
    • Remind students to replace all equipment in starting position before moving to next station.
    • Consider using powwow music for the cool down (see Appendix D for examples).