Winter Wonderland | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Winter Wonderland

    Physical Activity Level
    • Moderate Vigorous

    • Gymnasium

    • Multipurpose

    • Outdoors

      • 1-5 small, soft balls

      • Appendix A

      • Appendix B

      • Station Cards (see GETTING ACTIVE)

    Safety Considerations

    Before starting, inspect the activity area and eliminate any potential hazards. Remind students to be cautious when moving and to be aware of the personal space of others. Select suitable activities for size or facility available.


    Students will actively and safely explore a variety of winter themed stations.

    Warm Up

    Get Moving

    • Students move around the activity area as groups of 4-6, each in single file. Instruct all students to take a turn leading their group.
    • Ask students to start by walking, and progressively increase the intensity of the activity (e.g., walk, to march, to jog, to run). After 20 seconds, students stop and a group member leads their group in 1 of the following activities from Appendix A: Gluteal Kicks, Raise the Roof or Swinging Leg Lifts.
    • Repeat as needed, until everyone has led, for 2–3 minutes.
    Getting Active

    Winter Wonderland Stations

    • Set up a circuit of 8 stations around the activity area.
    • Divide students into groups of 3-5, and assign a starting station to each group.
    • Groups stay at the same station for 1 minute and rotate on your signal. As students move from station to station, ask them to progressively increase the intensity of the their pace, from brisk walk, to skip, to gallop, to jog, to run.
    • Rotate the groups for about 15 minutes or until every group has done each station twice.
    • See Appendix A for a description of the fitness activities.


    Station 1 - Snowball Catch
    Students catch and throw the small balls within their group as many times as possible, while jogging on the spot.

    Station 2 - Speed Skating Strides
    Students take large steps from side to side with deep knee bends. Add single and double arm swings to complete the movement.

    Station 3 - Knocking down the Icicles
    Students perform 20 vertical jumps or Mountain Climbers.

    Station 4 - Cross Country Skiing
    Students perform cross-country ski movements (with opposite legs and arms moving as a skier would) for 30 seconds.

    Station 5 - Snowball Push
    Students perform 10 wall push-ups, 10 floor push-ups, and repeat the cycle again.

    Station 6 - Boxing Day
    Students do the Boxer Jog for 30 seconds.

    Station 7 - Snow Angel Jacks
    Students do 30 Jumping Jacks or Chicken Jacks.

    Station 8 - Frozen Stiff
    Students support their body weight in a straight line using their toes and elbows (i.e., form a “front plank”). Hold for 10 and rest (repeat 3 times).


    • To increase the difficulty, groups can stay at a station for more time.
    • To decrease the difficulty, groups can stay at a station for less time.
    • Allow students to design their own stations, based on interests and personal fitness goals.
    Cool Down

    Slowing Down

    • Students work in groups of 3-4, which all being in the middle of the activity area.
    • On your command, each student performs Boxer Jogs to the outside of the activity area, and then walks back to the middle to give his/her group members a high five.
    • Each student in the group moves to a new side of the activity area at a slightly slower intensity, and again returns to the middle to high five the group.
    • Pattern continues until all students have touched all 4 sides / walls of the activity area.
    • Lead (or have students lead) a series of static stretches (1-2 minutes). See Appendix B for examples.
    Other Considerations
    • Allow students to pause as needed.
    • Students can move from one station to another quickly, or use a “locomotor action” such as a high march between stations.
    • Music is an excellent motivator. Play music during the circuit to encourage constant movement. For examples, see Appendix D.