Winter Wonders | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Winter Wonders

    Physical Activity Level
    • Moderate Vigorous

    • Classroom

    • Multipurpose

      • 3-4 soft skin balls

      • 4-6 pylons

      • Appendix A

      • Appendix B

      • Basket with 40-50 bean bags

    Safety Considerations

    Before starting, inspect the activity area to eliminate any potential hazards. Remind students to be cautious when moving and to be aware of the personal space of others.


    Students will actively and safely explore movements by sharing their favourite winter activities.

    Warm Up

    Snowball Relay

    • Divide students into groups of 3–4.
    • Place a basket of 40–50 beanbags in the centre of the activity area.
    • Line up the groups along a starting line, marked by pylons at the edge of the activity area.
    • Give one ball to each group. Students take turns (moving one at a time) rolling their “snowball” to the basket, where they collect a beanbag and roll their snowball back to the starting line.
    • Once back at the start, they must tag the next group member, who then rolls the snowball to collect a beanbag.
    • The goal is to collect and build as many “snowmen” as possible, with each consisting of three beanbags. Students can take only one beanbag at a time.
    • As their teammate returns with a snowball, the other students can select a fitness activity (see Appendix A) to perform while waiting.
    Getting Active

    Winter Wonders

    • Divide students into groups of 2–4.
    • Ask each group to work together to choose 2 or 3 moves/activities that remind them of a winter theme (e.g., snowshoeing, ice fishing, trapping, opening presents, skating, tobogganing, shoveling snow, playing hockey, playing snow snake). Students will link their ideas together to create a short movement sequence.
    • Challenge the students to use unique activities that are moderate to vigorous in intensity.
    • Each group practices its sequence for 3–5 minutes.
    • On your signal, each group joins with another and works together to combine their 2 sequences into a longer routine. They practice their new routine for 3–5 minutes.
    • Each larger group takes a turn leading the class in their routine, while the rest of the students mirror the moves.
    • Challenge students to keep their feet moving at all times during the activity.
    Cool Down

    10 Second Countdown

    • In sequence, students move right hand, left hand, then right foot, then left foot, as follows.
    • Starting with the right hand in the air, direct students to move their arm back and forth, counting down from 10 to 1 as they perform a series of dynamic stretches.
    • Next, direct students to move to the left hand and proceed through the countdown 10 to 1 as they perform a series of dynamic stretches (consult Appendix B for examples).
    • Continue through the sequence, moving the right foot back and forth and then the left foot.
    Other Considerations
    • Link the Winter Wonders activities to the traditions and culture of the community (e.g., ask students “what activities take place in our community during the winter?”. Common answers may include ice fishing, trapping, storytelling, etc.).
    • Encourage students to gradually increase their walking speed during the warm-up.
    • Consider playing powwow, social dance or other First Nations music. (See Appendix D for ideas)