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    Inspirational Music

    What Is it All About?

    Select songs that are inspiring and motivating to play during appropriate times in the classroom.

    Why Do It?

    Music is a great way to express feelings and promote resiliency and optimism. Listen to uplifting lyrics in order to re-energize or de-stress during the day.

    How Do We Do It?

    Students brainstorm a list of inspiring and motivating songs.

    Working with students, student leaders choose a song to start each day. Play it during morning entry or at natural break times (e.g., lunch, breaks between classes).

    Encourage students to think about how they can identify with the lyrics. What do these words mean to them? How does this music make them feel?

    Invite students to offer other songs that have had personal meaning to them and share their story with the class.

    What Else Do We Need?
    • Music and audio equipment

    How Do We Get Creative?

    Have students write their own inspiring lyrics.

    Display lyrics to favourite inspiring songs around the school.