Connected to Self | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Connected to Self


    Students explore journaling about their feelings in order to understand situations and how they might respond to them.

    Stop! The Worry

    Students build safe and thoughtful solutions around the issues and concerns that affect them emotionally.

    Meditation Moment

    Students take a few moments to meditate at the start of the class. They then focus on an affirmation or recording.

    Deep Breathing

    Students explore an activity to help them connect with their breath and relax.

    Sounds of Silence

    Students find a quiet, silent space to sit or lie and be thoughtful as they relax.

    Mindful Eating

    Students snack or hydrate in a thoughtful and mindful way, with the goal of seeing and tasting their food in a new way.

    Sufficient and Satisfactory Sleep

    Students brainstorm strategies they can use to get enough sleep every day.

    Smile More

    Students take a brief moment to relax and reflect on things that make them happy or help them relax.

    Happy Mood Board

    Students create a bulletin board on which they can place images, words, photos, poems, and other items that make them smile when they see them.