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    School Wide

    Gratitude Graffiti

    On mural paper, in a common area if the school, students write or illustrate what they are thankful for within their school community.

    Promoting Mental Health

    Working in small groups, students identify key messages about mental health that they know well. They then create and implement a promotional strategy to share their positive message(s).

    Bounce Back Butterflies

    Students anonymously create and share Butterflies with caring and kind words written on them to brighten a classmate’s day.

    Involve Parents and the Community

    Students create short, 3- to 5-minute presentations about youth and mental health and share them at school and community events.

    Cheerful Chains

    Students write something they enjoy or are thankful for and display these kind and positive words around a common area within the school.

    Hallway Humour

    Students create posters of appropriate jokes and display them in a common area of the school.

    Positive Sticky Notes

    Students write anonymous generic, positive messages on sticky notes and share them around the school.

    A Mental Health PSA

    Students explore a mental health concept of their choice and share it with their school and community through a public service announcement (PSA).

    Hallway “Manage” Messages

    Working with a partner, students brainstorm a list of coping strategies for dealing with feelings of stress or sadness. Students write these on posters and display them in common areas of a school.

    Move Your Mood Hallway Circuit

    Set up physical activity stations in an open common area and allow students the opportunity to use the stations at appropriate times throughout the day.

    Kindness Jar

    Students brainstorm a list of kind acts they can perform at school or in their community. The write each kind act on a piece of paper and place them all in a jar. Students draw one idea and perform it during the day.