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    Mood Mixers Collage

    What Is it All About?

    Students brainstorm a list of strategies people can use to shift their mood when they are feeling down. They then use this list to identify photos and pictures that represent their words and display them for future reference.

    Why Do It?

    Everyone finds themselves in a low mood at some point. And everyone can use strategies to shift their mood. Students brainstorm a list of strategies anyone can use the next time they feel down, to help them feel better and move forward.

    How Do We Do It?

    Have students share strategies they can use or have used to shift their mood when they realize they’re feeling low.

    Record these ideas on poster paper.

    Have students record their strategies as a starting point to develop a collage of words and images taken from magazines and newspapers that represent these positive strategies, habits, and practices.

    Display these images on a classroom bulletin board for future reference.

    What Else Do We Need?
    • Magazines, newspapers

    • Paper

    • Writing utensils

    How Do We Get Creative?

    Have students recreate their mood Mixer Collage board using technology or social media.

    Have students share their images and ideas with other classrooms or with the school. Make sure school or local resources are clearly available for students who may need to reach out.