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    Write It Out

    What Is it All About?

    Working individually, students write a blog post or zine-style article reporting on the topic of stress management in a fun and creative way.

    Why Do It?

    Have your say! Get creative and share with your class a fun blog or zine-style article related to the topic of stress and stress management.

    How Do We Do It?

    Students write a blog post or zine-style article on the theme of stress and managing stress (e.g., "5 tips for the next time you feel nervous before a test").

    Have students share their posts or articles with another student for feedback.

    Students create a final copy and display it around the room or on a school or class website.

    Ensure an adult ally is in place to vet the blog and article manuscripts.

    What Else Do We Need?
    • Internet access

    • Paper

    • Word processing software

    • Writing utensils

    How Do We Get Creative?

    Students post responses to 1 or 2 other students in the format of a "letter to the editor".

    Invite a community member for a local newspaper or blog to speak to the class about publishing for various platforms (e.g., digital versus online).