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    Kids' Run Club

    teacher and four students posing for picture outdoors
    Physical Activity
    Youth Engagement
    K - 12

    The Kids’ Run Club, brought to you by Ontario Doctors, is a free downloadable program that supports children and youth (Grades 1-12) to get active, have fun – and run!

    The Kids’ Run Club is for all abilities - prior running experience is not required of coaches or students. Easy-to-use materials, including a Coach’s Guide and Participant’s Guide, provide information to lead a successful run club that builds skills and supports students in setting and fulfilling goals, including participating in a fun run. To help motivate and encourage students, the program includes swag items to give out as incentives or prizes.

    Participating schools are invited to request a doctor visit to participate in a run or facilitate a presentation with students about the importance of health and physical activity.

    Kids’ Run Club is also available in French as Club de course jeunesse.

    Kids’ Run Club is funded by the Ontario Medical Association and brought to you by Ontario’s Doctors.