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    Choosing Healthy Eating and Drinking Options

    Activity Card 2
    75 Minutes
    Topics: Food and Drink Choices, Personal Skills
    Activity Overview

    Youths will examine food options available at local fast food restaurants and give one unhealthy meal a healthy make over.


    The educator will observe the youths' demonstrated knowledge and understanding related to healthy eating choices.


    Local fast food nutrient fact guide, Markers, Poster paper

    Minds On

    Have youths brainstorm as a large group the various ways they can identify a healthier food choice. Answers may include but are not limited to:

    • name of food item
    • serving size
    • energy value
    • nutrient content (i.e., macronutrient and micronutrient content)
    • ingredients (both content and concentration)
    • food groups included from Canada’s Food Guide
    • preparation method

    Youths divide into small groups.

    Provide each group with a nutritional guide from a local fast-food restaurant, along with poster paper and markers.

    Instruct groups to select what they believe to be the healthiest meal choice and a less-healthy option from each nutritional guide.

    Have youths compare their choices using a T-chart, on the basis of:

    • preparation method
    • grams of fat (saturated, trans-fats)
    • ingredients/nutrients (sodium, sugar, fibre, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A)

    Upon completion, have youths share their findings in a large-group discussion.


    Working in their small groups, youths remake the less-healthy option, transforming it into a healthier food choice by making changes using the identified criteria.

    Have youths record their changes on the bottom of their T-Chart.

    Youths respond to the following questions as an Exit Card:

    1. Where can you get more information about healthy eating when eating out in your community?
    2. What are the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of healthy and unhealthy drink and food choices?