Dealing with Stress | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Dealing with Stress

    Activity Card 2
    45 Minutes
    Topics: Critical Thinking, Emotions, Stress
    Activity Overview

    Children will use critical and creative thinking as they identify healthy alternatives for dealing with stress.


    The educator observes children’s application of critical thinking skills and their demonstrated knowledge and understanding of healthy alternatives for dealing with stress.


    Chart paper, Markers, Sticky notes

    Minds On

    Write the word “Stress” on the board. Have children identify areas in a grade 5–8 child’s life where they might feel stress, and record their responses on a Mind Map.

    Have children identify what stress feels like (the signs and symptoms) and display it under the Mind Map for later referral.


    Discuss with the large group that everyone deals with stress differently. Some people deal with stress by engaging in healthy activities, such as:

    • going for a run
    • listening to music
    • reading a book
    • working out
    • going for a bike ride

    or by undertaking unhealthy activities, such as:

    • fighting with others
    • turning to drugs
    • consuming alcohol
    • looking for excitement by breaking the law

    Have the children work in small groups. Give each group a pile of sticky notes. Allow children five minutes to list healthy ways to deal with stress, writing one idea per sticky note.

    Have groups share their ideas with the group (one idea per group). Move from group to group until all groups have shared their ideas.

    As a group identifies a coping strategy, post their sticky note on the board.


    Individually or with a partner, children create a poster of a coping strategy someone their age might use to deal with stress. The strategy should be clearly identified.

    Consider having children present their poster to the group, or have posters displayed throughout the facility for use by, and awareness of, other children.