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    Factors Influencing Food and Drink Choices

    Activity Card 2
    45 Minutes
    Topics: Critical Thinking, Emotional, Social, Medical and Practical Influences, Food and Drink Choice
    Activity Overview

    Children will examine internal and external influences on their personal food and drink choices.


    The educator will observe children’s ability to apply knowledge related to influences on healthy eating and drinking choices.


    Chart paper, Markers

    Minds On

    Working with a partner, children brainstorm the various factors that influence eating and drinking habits and food and drink choices, such as:

    • allergies and sensitivities
    • likes and dislikes
    • dental health
    • food availability
    • media influences
    • cultural influences
    • influences of family and friends
    • environment
    • cost

    Children share their responses with the group.


    On chart paper posted around the room, display the headings "Medical," "Practical," "Emotional," and "Societal."

    Ask children to identify what they believe each category might mean in relation to food and drink choices; provide direction as required.

    Using a large-group discussion, explain to children that these are factors that contribute to what people choose to eat and drink or not, and when.

    Have the children organize into four groups and position themselves in front of one of the posters. Explain that the groups will rotate to each piece of chart paper in a carousel format.

    At each poster, the groups will list examples of factors that would influence their food and drink choices or decisions associated with each specific heading. Children move from poster to poster as directed by the educator.

    After visiting all posters, groups return to their original poster and review the answers.

    Have children circle each healthy food or drink choice. Then direct children to brainstorm ways that they could modify the un-circled options to create a healthier food choice. Children add the modifications to the chart paper.


    Have each group share a few key responses that were provided by their groupmates.

    Children complete an Exit Card by answering the following prompts:

    1. Identify emotional and social factors that could lead to unbalanced eating or drinking habits or choices.
    2. How might you handle these emotional and social factors?