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    Making Healthy Choices

    Activity Card 3
    45 Minutes
    Topics: Alcohol, Critical Thinking, Peer Pressure
    Activity Overview

    Children will demonstrate their understanding of the decision-making model as they make healthy choices.


    The educator observes children’s application of critical thinking skills as they make healthy decisions.


    Chart paper, Markers, Sticky notes

    Minds On

    Working as a large group, children review the steps of the decision-making model:

    • Identify the problem.
    • List alternatives with pros and cons.
    • Think about the pros and cons of the alternatives. Which alternative sounds like a better option?
    • Make the decision.
    • Reflect on your decision.

    Have children suggest situations when they might need to use the decision-making model.


    Share the following scenario with the children.

    A friend invites you to his house. When you get there, you are greeted by his older sister and her friend. They ask you and your friend if you want to try some beer. Your friend says “OK.” but you don’t want to. What do you do?

    Working in small groups, children use the decision-making model to respond to the scenario. Ask children to role-play the scenario and their alternatives chosen. Consider having children present their role-play for another group.


    Each child selects the scenario response he or she thinks would be most effective. Then, the child responds to an Exit Card, answering the following questions:

    • Which scenario response do you believe will be most effective? Why?
    • What factors were influencing them to drink alcohol?
    • What factors were influencing them to resist drinking alcohol?