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    One A Day for Active Play

    An image of elementary students performing daily physical activity in the classroom.
    Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
    EL - 12

    One A Day For Active Play includes 200 creative games and activities that are fun to use for active breaks, ice-breakers, warm-ups or to support the implementation of Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

    Fun for all ages and abilities, the games and activities can be implemented in small or large indoor/outdoor spaces. One A Day For Active Play comes in a durable box with portable cards ready to use wherever and whenever you are!

    The 200 games and activities are organized into nine categories: Cooperative Games, Dance, Fitness, Gymnastics, Territory, Net/Wall, Striking/Fielding, Target, and Tag Games. Also included is an upfront introduction section with safety considerations, and information on inclusive play, activity modifications, and instructional approaches.

    The resource is also available in French as Au jeu ! 200 idées actives.