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    One A Day for Active Play

    An image of elementary students performing daily physical activity in the classroom.
    Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
    EL - 12

    One A Day For Active Play includes 200 creative games and activities that are fun to use for active breaks, ice-breakers, warm-ups or to support the implementation of Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

    Fun for all ages and abilities, the games and activities can be implemented in small or large indoor/outdoor spaces. One A Day For Active Play comes in a durable box with portable cards ready to use wherever and whenever you are!

    The 200 games and activities are organized into nine categories: Cooperative Games, Dance, Fitness, Gymnastics, Territory, Net/Wall, Striking/Fielding, Target, and Tag Games. Also included is an upfront introduction section with safety considerations, and information on inclusive play, activity modifications, and instructional approaches.

    Want to see a sample activity card? Check out Hoop it Up!

    The resource is also available in French as Au jeu ! 200 idées actives.