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    Wallet Wellness

    Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours
    Mental Health
    Financial Literacy
    1 - 8

    Wallet Wellness is a free financial literacy resource designed to provide children and youth with a strong understanding of financial basics in order to successfully navigate today’s complex financial world. This resource includes activity cards, student learning videos, and take home activities.

    Wallet Wellness activity cards connect to Grades 1–8 Health and Physical Education (H&PE), Math, and Language curriculum, which make it easy to use these activities in various lessons and settings while providing further links to everyday life.

    Wallet Wellness also includes an Educator’s Corner section that consists of a Facilitator’s Guide and professional learning videos for educators looking to expand their knowledge of the linkages between financial literacy and the Grades 4–8 H&PE curriculum.

    Wallet Wellness is also available in French as Le bien-être et ton portefeuille.