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      • Students explore the difference between needs and wants by creating their own concept map using a hierarchy of needs as a reference. Focus will be on using real life examples.

      • Students use simple comparison shopping techniques to make purchasing decisions about food choices. The focus is on justifying their choices financially.

      • Students create a list of a week’s worth of snacks from local grocery stores or markets for a family that includes healthy choices within a specific budget.

      • Students explore the short-term and long-term effects of tobacco use on both physical health and finances over time.

      • Students explore how advertising techniques can influence their buying decisions related to food and everyday items. Guidelines for viewing and evaluating advertisements are created.

      • Students plan a class party on a budget taking a few limitations into consideration. Students analyze, compare and evaluate different plans to vote on one.

      • Students analyze a scenario where they have won a cash prize for a poster design contest. They must decide how to use their winnings by considering different variables.


    Get Snackin'

    In this video, a child has been given a budget and is asked to choose their own lunch snack for the school week. Enjoy a snack by exploring concepts related to comparison shopping, decision-making skills, budgeting, healthy food choices and more!

    Pay to Play

    In this video, a child is playing their favorite tablet game when they must face the temptations of in-game purchasing. Find out how much they are willing to pay to play by exploring concepts related to needs versus wants, decision making skills, media influences, and more!