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    Class Party!

    Junior (Grades 1-4)
    Activity Description

    Students plan a class party on a budget taking a few limitations into consideration. Students analyze, compare and evaluate different plans to vote on one.

    Learning Goals

    I can use decision-making and social skills to plan a party on a budget.

    Curriculum Expectations
    C2 Making healthy choices C3 Making connections for healthy living

    Cross-Curricular Expectations

    Language: Oral Communication, Reading

    Mathematics (Gr.4-8): Number Sense and Numeration

      • Chart Paper

      • Flyers

      • Markers

      • Party Planning Worksheet (see attachments)

      • Optional: Padlet app

      • Class Party! Take-Home Activity (see attachments)

    Key Concepts
    Prior Knowledge and Skills
    • The term "budget"

    • The term "couponing"

    • The term "gluten-free"

    • The term "nut-free"

    • The term "vegetarian"

    Minds On
    • Students work in groups to create a list of necessities to plan a class party. Focus is on allowing varied suggestions.
    • Groups share ideas to create a class list.
    • Teacher leads a class discussion about which would be the most important necessities.
    • Students are given a scenario: You are given the opportunity to plan a class party within a decided-on budget. You are encouraged to make healthy food and drink choices. There are a few dietary restrictions to consider: everything must be nut-free; one student has a gluten allergy and five students are vegetarian.
    • Teacher introduces several flyers (print and online) from a variety of stores (i.e. local market, local grocery store, Sobey’s, No Frills, Costco, Loblaws, etc.).
    • Groups use the Party Planning Worksheet and local/online grocery store flyers to plan the party.
    • Groups present their party plan and budget to the class. Class evaluates each option.
    • Teacher leads discussion and students vote on which plan best fits the criteria.
    • Students complete a journal entry focusing on the skills needed and strategies used to stay within budget.
    • List some strategies you used to stay within budget.
    • Describe any challenges you experienced working with your group to plan the party.
    • How did your group make decisions about needs and wants?
    • Describe some social skills that are necessary to plan an event as a group.
    Extended Learning
    • Class Party! Take-Home Activity (see attachments)