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    A Healthy Choice

    Junior (Grades 4-6)
    Activity Description

    Students use simple comparison shopping techniques to make purchasing decisions about food choices. The focus is on justifying their choices financially.

    Learning Goals

    I can make purchasing decisions by using comparison shopping techniques and justifying my choices.

    Curriculum Expectations
    C2 Making healthy choices, C3 Making connections to healthy eating

    Cross-Curricular Expectations

    Language: Oral Communication, Reading

    Mathematics (Gr.4-6): Number Sense and Numeration

      • Chart Paper

      • Local Flyers

      • Markers

      • Online Flyers

      • Shopping Chart (see attachments)

      • A Healthy Choice Take-Home Activity (see attachments)

    Key Concepts
    Prior Knowledge and Skills
    • Comparison shopping

    • How to calculate discounts and unit rates

    • How to use charts to compare and contrast ideas

    • What makes a healthy food choice

    Minds On
    • Students work in groups to create a list of healthy food choices they could purchase.Teacher leads brief large group discussion about what makes the food choices healthy.
    • Students work in small groups to decide on 2-3 food choices to focus on for comparison shopping activity.
    • Teacher introduces comparison Shopping Chart. The chart is discussed in order to ensure that students understand what is asked of them in each category. Various flyers (print and online) are given to each group. Students look at unit price, discounts, savings and the health benefits of each food choice.
    • Students write their 2-3 food choices on their comparison Shopping Chart using at least 2-3 local and online flyers to complete the activity.
    • Teacher leads sharing session by completing a class chart using a few food choices and the information gathered by groups.
    • Class analyzes and evaluates the chart to decide which choice makes sense for each item by justifying choices based on the findings.
    • After comparing, analyzing and evaluating the information on your comparison Shopping Chart, where did you purchase each food item? Justify your decision.
    • Was there anything you were surprised to find as you completed this task? Explain.
    Extended Learning
    • A Healthy Choice Take-Home Activity (see attachments)