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    Let’s Shop!

    Intermediate (Grades 7-9)
    Activity Description

    Students use comparison shopping techniques and a decision-making model to decide on purchasing healthy foods to sell at a class bake sale within a budget.

    Learning Goals

    I can make purchasing decisions by using comparison shopping techniques and evaluating my choices.

    Curriculum Expectations
    C2 Making healthy choices, C3 Making connections for healthy living

    Cross-Curricular Expectations

    Language: Oral Communication, Reading

    Mathematics (Gr.4-8): Number Sense and Numeration

      • Local Print Flyers

      • Online Flyers

      • Idea Web (see attachments)

      • Comparison Shopping Techniques (see attachments)

      • Shopping Chart (see attachments)

      • Let's Shop! Take-Home Activity (see attachments)

    Key Concepts
    Prior Knowledge and Skills
    • Calculating discounts and unit rates

    • Idea of comparison shopping

    • Using charts to compare and contrast ideas

    • What makes a healthy food choice

    Minds On
    • Teacher introduces a scenario: the class is planning a bake sale to support a charity and must choose four healthy food items to sell.
    • Groups use an Idea Web to reflect on their possible choices within a budget.
    • Teacher introduces Comparison Shopping Techniques which students will use as a reference. The Shopping Chart is explained and flyers (print and online) are made available.
    • Teacher divides class into small groups and sets the budget for the bake sale based on the financial reality of the community.
    • Students use the flyers to complete their comparison Shopping Chart.
    • Teacher has each group choose a few foods to share with the class. Students address price, benefits and factors that influenced their decisions. Class chooses the top four foods.
    • Class creates a “Smart-shopper Strategies” chart to demonstrate the need to plan, budget, use comparison shopping techniques and understand needs and wants as consumers.
    • Which food(s) would you purchase? Justify your reasoning.
    • How do comparison shopping techniques influence purchasing decisions?
    • Reflect on the idea of organizing bake sales with a focus on healthy choices. How do you feel about this?
    Extended Learning
    • Let's Shop! Take-Home Activity (see attachments)