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    Power of the Ad

    Intermediate (Grades 7-9)
    Activity Description

    Students explore how advertising techniques can influence their buying decisions related to food and everyday items. Guidelines for viewing and evaluating advertisements are created.

    Learning Goals

    I can analyze and evaluate advertisements using common advertising techniques and decide whether claims are misleading or untrue.

    Curriculum Expectations
    C2 Making healthy choices, C3 Making connections for healthy living

    Cross-Curricular Expectations

    Language: Oral Communication, Reading, Writing, Media Literacy

      • Chart Paper

      • Markers

      • Sample Print Advertisements

      • Advertising Techniques (see attachments)

      • Anticipation Guide (see attachments)

      • Graphic Organizer (see attachments)

      • Power of the Ad Take-Home Activity (see attachments)

    Key Concepts
    Prior Knowledge and Skills
    • The term "advertisement"

    • The term "endorsement"

    • The term "exploitation"

    • The term "fraud"

    • The term "misleading"

    • The term "misrepresentation"

    • The term "status"

    Minds On
    • Teacher puts up examples of print advertisements for food around the room and students critically look at three using an Anticipation Guide. The advertisements show common advertising techniques.
    • Teacher guides a whole-group discussion by having students share ideas and opinions after reflecting on each advertisement.
    • Teacher introduces common Advertising Techniques.
    • In pairs (or small groups), students participate in a carousel activity rotating around the classroom to four different advertisements and completing a Graphic Organizer by analyzing and evaluating the four advertisements.
    • The four advertisements should be different from the Minds On for variety but teachers may wish to analyze the same ones.
    • Teacher debriefs the carousel activity as student pairs share findings and discuss how they evaluated each advertisement.
    • Class chart is created with student guidelines for viewing and evaluating advertisements.
    • After evaluating each advertisement, which product out of the four would you purchase? Justify your answer.
    • How is our financial well-being connected to our exposure to advertising?
    Extended Learning
    • Power of the Ad Take-Home Activity (see attachments)