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    Snack Time!

    Junior (Grades 4-6)
    Activity Description

    Students create a list of a week’s worth of snacks from local grocery stores or markets for a family that includes healthy choices within a specific budget.

    Learning Goals

    I can use coupons to create a grocery list of healthy snacks for a week that stays within a budget for a family.

    Curriculum Expectations
    C2 Making healthy choices, C3 Making connections to healthy eating

    Cross-Curricular Expectations

    Language: Oral Communication, Reading, Writing, Media Literacy

    Mathematics (Gr.4-6): Number Sense and Numeration

      • Chart Paper

      • Four Corner Questions

      • Grocery Store Flyers

      • Markers

      • Scissors and Glue Sticks

      • Snack Budget Worksheet (see attachments)

      • Snack Time! Take-Home Activity (see attachments)

    Key Concepts
    Prior Knowledge and Skills
    • The term "budget"

    • The term "couponing"

    • The term "flyer"

    • The term "need"

    • The term "want"

    Minds On
    • Teacher has students work in groups to list examples of healthy snacks. Students are asked to justify why these snacks are considered healthy.
    • Teacher leads brief discussion using student examples to create a class list.
    • Students are given their task: Imagine that you are living with the members of your group (one big happy family!). This week you have been given the opportunity to buy all the snacks for your lunches. Each day everyone needs two snacks. Your budget will reflect the reality for many families across the province so they will be different for each group. There’s one catch! You need to think about how balanced and healthy your snacks are so that you keep up your energy all day long. You will have to use your flyers to cut out coupons to help you save money and stay within the budget. You will complete one Snack Budget Worksheet for the family and make sure to glue your coupons on the back.
    • Students work in groups and share flyers and one Snack Budget Worksheet.
    • Groups need to designate: a recorder (for the Snack Budget Worksheet), time keeper, two students to cut out coupons, one student to glue the coupons. All students must work together on the calculations and sifting through the flyers.
    • Each “family” presents their budget and healthy snack choices and receives feedback from students.
    • Teacher leads Four Corners activity (see Debrief) by having students discuss four questions related to their experience.

    Teacher has the following four questions posted in each corner of the classroom and student groups or “families” discuss each question. Students rotate after 2 minutes.

    1. How successful do you feel you were as a family staying within budget and eating balanced, healthy snacks throughout the week? Explain.
    2. What are some things you had to think about throughout the task in order to stay within your budget and eat well?
    3. How do you feel about the budget you were given taking into consideration that this is the reality for families across the province?
    4. Would you try this with your own family? Do you think it would work? Why or why not?
    Extended Learning
    • Snack Time! Take-Home Activity (see attachments)