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      • Students use comparison shopping techniques and a decision-making model to decide on purchasing healthy foods to sell at a class bake sale within a budget.

      • Students explore factors that can influence how and why they make (financial) decisions and how those decisions can have an impact on their well-being.

      • Students reflect on addictive behaviours and how they can have personal, health and financial implications. Students also explore the importance of stress management.

      • Students analyze a scenario where they have won a cash prize for a poster design contest. They must decide how to use their winnings by considering different variables.

      • Students plan a class party on a budget taking a few limitations into consideration. Students analyze, compare and evaluate different plans to vote on one.

      • Students explore how advertising techniques can influence their buying decisions related to food and everyday items. Guidelines for viewing and evaluating advertisements are created.


    Price to Party

    In this video, a member of a planning committee explains how the end-of-year graduation party came together. Discover everything this party has to offer by exploring concepts related to budgeting, decision-making skills, needs versus wants, healthy food choices, and more!

    Biking on a Budget

    In this video, a child has money to buy a new bike helmet as part of a birthday gift from their grandmother before an upcoming bike trip with friends. Hit the open trails by exploring concepts related to decision-making skills, purchasing influences, budgeting, needs versus wants, and more!