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    Wallet Wellness Activity Booklet

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    About the Activity Booklet

    The activities in this booklet are designed for students in Grades 4-6 and created to support both educators and families with opportunities to present a few essential financial literacy concepts and skills in a simplified and engaging format. Each activity can be completed independently by students regardless of their prior knowledge and experience with financial literacy.  However, families are strongly encouraged to participate along with students in order to support the learning that will stem from each activity. Educators can use this resource as a take-home supplement to classroom exploration into financial literacy or as an independent learning opportunity designed to enrich students’ understanding and skills.

    The layout of each activity includes a brief introduction followed by what students need to know in terms of concepts and vocabulary. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. Space is provided for all student work, making it possible for students to complete the activity anywhere at any time.