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    Connect[ED] has been funded by the Ontario Government.

    Ophea gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the many individuals and organizations that participated in the original development and writing of Connect[ED] (2009-2011) as well as the redevelopment team (2016).

    2016 Edition

    Redevelopment Team

    Stephanie Cook, Ophea
    Heather Gardner, Ophea
    Stéphane Giroux, Ophea
    Muriel Rounthwaite, Ophea



    Paul Andre Cyr
    Lindsay LaMorre


    Association of Media Literacy
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology

    2011 Edition


    Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
    Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
    Legal Studies Program, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Kids Help Phone
    Ontario Ministry of Education
    Ontario Provincial Police

    Development Team

    Keith Baird, Ontario Ministry of Education
    Shannon Boyd, Ophea
    Monica Cachagee, Ontario Provincial Police
    Glenn Court, Ontario Ministry of Education
    Pat Ellingson, TVOKids
    Heather Gardner, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
    Stéphane Giroux, Ophea
    Stacie Goldin, TVOKids
    Robyn MacEachern, Ontario Provincial Police
    Dr. Faye Mishna, University of Toronto
    Muriel Rounthwaite, Ophea
    Dr. Andrea Slane, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Judi Sano, Ophea
    Clint Tham, Ophea
    Richard Ward, Ophea
    Tegan Young, Ophea

    Writing Team

    Sara Goodman
    Lisa Chung
    Allison Cleland
    Nazreen Freeman
    Lara Paterson


    Brenda Hopkins
    Mary Jan Huh
    Mike Mahon
    Carla Robbins

    Field Test Schools

    Firgrove Public School
    Alliston Union Public School
    Claireville Junior School
    Westminster Public School
    Earl Beatty Public School
    West Oak Public School
    Kortright Hills Public School
    Roberta Bondar Public School