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    Unit Overview

    The Grade 4 Unit explores by way of video and associated lessons, two fictional Grade 4 students at Rose Vine Public School, Priya and Anthony, who are holding a mock newscast for a class project. The newscast includes correspondent interviews, viewer emails, expert commentary and video footage. Breaking news coverage includes issues of netiquette (What is it? Why is it important? When should it be used?), cyberbullying (how to recognize it and what to do about it), and protecting information that is posted online (how to create a safe password and keep personal information private and secure).

    Topics Covered: netiquette, cyberbullying (online) vs. bullying (offline), passwords – keeping them private, information posted online – it can live forever and be difficult to delete

    What Will Students Learn?


    • Students will describe appropriate netiquette and Internet safety behaviour and will describe different types of bullying with a focus on cyberbullying.
    • Students will apply a decision-making model and use problem solving skills to address risks and dangers to their own personal safety and the safety of others in a variety of situations.

      Key Questions

      • Am I able to describe appropriate behaviour online and recognize when cyberbullying is occurring?
      • Can I make decisions and solve problems to address threats to my personal safety and injury prevention?
      • Can I apply personal and interpersonal skills to help promote positive interactions and positive relationships with my peers?
      • How will my choices and actions online (both negative and positive) affect and impact others?
      • Can I interpret and analyze a variety of media forms and recognize the impact they have upon me and others?