Before You Get Started | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Before You Get Started

    Instructions for Using Connect[ED]

    Become familiar with the video episode and lesson plans before teaching them to students. Because of the sensitivity of the content, teachers may consider communicating the learning goals and key messages with parents/guardians using a board or school directed letter.

    There are 2 options in which you can approach teaching the unit:

    • Option 1 (Recommended) 
      • Day 1: Watch Part 1 of the video and teach Lesson 1
      • Day 2: Watch Part 2 of the video and teach Lesson 2
      • Day 3: Watch Part 3 and 4 of the video and teach Lesson 3
      • Day 4: Teach Lesson 4
    • Option 2
      • View the video episodes in one complete sequence during one class (skipping past all of the optional ‘stops’  ) and then teach the lessons in subsequent classes.


    Cautionary Note for Teachers 
    During the presentation of Connect[ED], students may disclose personal experiences of an abusive nature related to cyberbullying or other potentially dangerous online experiences. Before commencing any cyberbullying lessons teachers are required to know the procedures for the reporting and documenting of abuse and ways to support students.