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    Unit Overview

    The Grade 5 unit explores by way of video and associated lessons, two fictional characters from the Grade 4 video, Priya and Anthony. They are now in Grade 5 and are back to present a new story called Your Life Online which will appear in Rose Vine Public Schools’ online newspaper. They begin by asking the question “Are Rose Vine students faced with the task of making difficult decisions online on a daily basis?” They uncover their answer as they film video footage of students talking about impersonating others online, cyberbullying, receiving harassing emails and sharing personal information with strangers online.

    Topics Covered: real life vs. online life, making difficult online decisions, cyberbullying, harassment

    What Will Students Learn?


    • Students will identify and describe an awareness of the people and supportive services that can assist them when their online safety is being threatened, and when it might be important to seek adult intervention or further assistance.
    • Students will examine different points of view and responses from the characters in the video to explain how a person’s online actions, both positive and negative, can affect the feelings, self-concept, emotional well-being, and reputation of themselves and others, and display them in some way.
    • Students will learn ways in which to communicate effectively when presented with peer pressure or making choices that could negatively impact others and apply decision-making, assertiveness, and refusal skills to deal with pressures pertaining to cyberbullying.
    • Students will create an information brochure for their peers about netiquette, cyberbullying and online safety.

      Key Questions

      • Can I determine who to turn to, or when it would be important to seek adult intervention or further assistance when my online safety is being threatened?
      • How will my choices and actions online (both negative and positive) affect and impact others?
      • How can I communicate effectively when being peer pressured, or having to make a choice that could negatively impact me or others when online?
      • How can media inform students about online dangers?
      • How can media help students make good decisions when faced with online dilemmas?
      • How can I produce a piece of media to inform others about online safety?