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    Unit Overview

    The Grade 6 unit, explores by way of video and associated lessons, the news reporting by two fictional characters, Priya and Anthony. The two, from the previous grade videos are now in Grade 6. Their teacher, Mr. Solomon is impressed with the news reporting they did in Grades 4 and 5, so he encourages them to create a new and final story. The topic is cyber civics. Drama ensues as three parallel scenarios unfold involving three groups of Rose Vine Public School students; Faheem’s friends are concerned about his video game habits, Ashley’s friend captured a risqué image of her and shared it with others without her permission and Mayumi is the victim of a hate website.

    Topics Covered: cyber civics, gaming addictions, webcams, risqué texting, cyberbullying and bystanders, privacy and security settings

    What Will Students Learn?


    Students will use critical and creative thinking skills to analyze a variety of media related to Internet safety and cyberbullying.  Students will explore conflict related situations and will apply their knowledge and understanding of cyberbullying and Internet safety to help them identify alternative strategies including using people and resources from the community to better manage and avoid such conflict.    

      Key Questions

      • Can I apply personal and interpersonal skills to help promote positive interactions with my peers? 
      • Can I identify how I can avoid or manage conflict related to Internet safety and cyberbullying?
      • Can I identify the connections in the community to assist with curbing the occurrence of cyberbullying? 
      • Can I interpret and analyze a variety of media forms and the impact they have upon myself and others?