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    Questions You Should Ask Yourself

    Questions Every Parent/Guardian Should Ask Themselves:

    • Does my child have one or multiple email accounts?
      Do I know their password(s) to check their account with them? Is their password appropriate? Does my child know the rules about opening attachments and email netiquette? Do I know how to use email?
    • What are my child’s friends doing online?
      Are there pictures and information about my child posted on a friend’s website?
    • Have I spoken to my child about illegal downloading?
      Do I know the risks associated with allowing my child to download software, movies and music from torrent websites?
    • Do I check my child’s cell phone to ensure texting is not taking place during school time?
      What kind of text messages are they sending and receiving?
    • How often does my child play online games?
      What types of games are they playing? Are they playing ‘live’ with other people? If so, who are these people? Is there a risk that my child might want to meet them?
    • Does my child know that not all people online are who they appear to be?
      Does my child know not to meet an online friend without an adult present?
    • Does my child realize that once something has been posted online it could possibly remain there forever?
    • Does my child understand the value of money?
      Would they make an online purchase without my permission? Have I spoken with them about sites that may not be authentic and try to gain personal information? Does my child understand that not all merchants are legitimate?
    • Does my child’s computer have a webcam?
      Do they videoconference? Do they Instant Message with the camera connected?
    • Does my child have a computer in the bedroom?
      Am I aware of how much time and what activities he/she is doing online?
    • Would my child participate in cyberbullying?
      Would they know what to do if they or a friend was being cyberbullied or was cyberbullying others?
    • Does my child have a trusted adult other than me to whom they can turn if things go wrong while using the Internet?
    • Does my child know that not all websites are created equal?
      In other words some websites are not as reliable as others.
    • Does my child blog or post on social media?
      If so, do I view it on a daily basis to ensure nothing private is ever posted?