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    Internet Safety
    7 - 8

    CyberCops teaches students in Grades 7 and 8 about the risks and safety issues surrounding the Internet and helps them recognize and respond to these situations.

    Connect[ED]/Cybercops will be removed from Teaching Tools January 1st, 2020. Please make sure to download any materials you wish to keep before December 31st 2019.

    Designed for use in a classroom setting, the program includes a game for each grade, interactive modules and lesson plans linked to the Personal Safety and injury Prevention component of the Healthy Living strand of the H&PE Curriculum (2015).  Each game invites students to assist real life characters in a truly interactive gaming experience:

    Mirror Image (for Grade 7 students) introduces students to three criminal behaviours – cyberstalking, Internet luring and child pornography.

    Air Dogs (for Grade 8 students) was designed to make young teenagers aware of the consequences surrounding credit card fraud, software piracy and bullying.

    This resource is also available in French as Cyberagents.

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    The CyberCops resources were originally developed and distributed in 2006/2007 with a funding grant from the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Victim Justice Fund. In 2012 through the generous support of the Ministry of Education, the resources were revised and redistributed to Ontario public and Catholic schools. In 2016, the resources were again revised and integrated into Ophea’s Teaching Tools through the generous support of the Ministry of Education.