CyberCops | Ophea Teaching Tools


    Internet Safety
    7 - 8

    CyberCops teaches students in Grades 7 and 8 about the risks and safety issues surrounding the Internet and helps them recognize and respond to these situations.

    Designed for use in a classroom setting, the program includes a game for each grade, interactive modules and lesson plans linked to the Personal Safety and injury Prevention component of the Healthy Living strand of the H&PE Curriculum (2015).  Each game invites students to assist real life characters in a truly interactive gaming experience:

    Mirror Image (for Grade 7 students) introduces students to three criminal behaviours – cyberstalking, Internet luring and child pornography.

    Air Dogs (for Grade 8 students) was designed to make young teenagers aware of the consequences surrounding credit card fraud, software piracy and bullying.

    This resource is also available in French as Cyberagents.