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    Additional Teacher Supports

    Copyright Board of Canada
    The Board is an economic regulatory body empowered to establish, either mandatorily or at the request of an interested party, the royalties to be paid for the use of copyrighted works, when the administration of such copyright is entrusted to a collective-administration society. The Board also has the right to supervise agreements between users and licensing bodies and issues licenses when the copyright owner cannot be located. This website provides information about copyright. 

    Connect[ED] is a free bilingual web based resource that teaches students in Grade 4, 5 & 6 how to be safer in an ever-changing world of technology. Connect[ED] focuses on the development of the fundamental problem solving and decision making skills that will enable students to ethically apply Internet safety rules as they make informed decisions online in a way that replicates the decisions they would make in real life. Content focuses on netiquette, online privacy and security and online relationships, including cyberbullying. Directly linked to the Health and Physical Education and Media Literacy curricula, Connect[ED] includes grade specific video episodes with directly linked lesson plans and includes supports for both educators and parent/guardians.

    This website gives examples of cyberbullying, information on what can be done, facts and news, a section on "Talking the Talk": A Quick Introduction to Knowing What People Are Saying to Each Other in Cyberspace and a list of related resources.  

    Kids Help Phone
    Kids Help Phone is a free, anonymous and confidential phone and on-line professional counselling service for youth. Big or small concerns. 24/7. 365 days a year.

    National White Collar Crime Centre
    The mission of NW3C is to provide a nationwide support system for agencies involved in the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of economic and high-tech crimes and to support and partner with other appropriate entities in addressing homeland security initiatives, as they relate to economic and high-tech crimes.

    Ontario Provincial Police
    The Ontario Provincial Police provide support of both an information and protective nature regarding many aspects of safety including Internet Safety. The E-crime section focuses their work both on the preventative aspects as well as the investigative aspects of many types of Internet related crimes.  

    This resource is intented to guide educators as they embed the concepts and skills of digital citizenship into their daily practice.
    This website provides examples of a progression of lessons as teachers transform and integrate learning using technology.

    Prevnet: Bullying Prevention and Intervention in the School Environment: Factsheets and Tools
    This resource is comprised of Fact Sheets and Tools to support your ongoing bullying prevention and safe and accepting school efforts at your school. The fact sheets provide a brief summary of the most recent research on key elements in a bullying prevention plan.