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    Behind the Headlines

    After playing the Mirror Image game, students often ask: "Did this really happen?" When they learn that Mirror Image is based on a true story, they often want to learn the details. Therefore, the Mirror Image package comes with an interactive "newspaper" that tells the story of one of the victims and her family. This story can be used to encourage students to look at the emotional consequences of stalking.

    Note: Be aware that the content in this story is factual and references are made to sexual conduct. Appropriate pre-teaching should take place, and teachers should check with school board guidelines around addressing this issue.

    Caitlin is one of the victims of the stalker Robert Laking. Now eighteen, she can speak openly about the months when she was afraid to open her email messages or to answer the phone.

    After she played the Mirror Image game, Caitlin agreed to be interviewed so that other teens could learn from her experience. Her parents and the police officers who solved the case were also gave their thoughts on the legal, social and ethical dilemmas posed by the case.

    1. Caitlin - When Caitlin's friends began to complain about "Rob", a man who was harassing them online, Caitlin offered to tell him off. Soon she became the target of abuse herself. In her interview, Caitlin explains what happened when she tried to deal with the situation alone.
    2. Caitlin's Parents - When Caitlin finally told her parents about the stalker, their emotions ran from anger to panic. This interview follows the family's first attempts to protect their daughter, attempts that could have landed them in legal difficulties of their own.
    3. Sgt. Fred Morton - When Caitlin's family approached Sgt. Fred Morton of the Saint John Police Department, they were distraught. Sgt. Morton mapped out a strategy to protect the victims and their families in the days leading up to the arrest. 
    4. James McAvity - As Crown Prosecutor, James McAvity was responsible for bringing Robert Laking to trial. In this interview he explains how he chose his trial strategy.