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    Game Synopsis

    Mirror Image opens as the CyberCop is getting ready to end his shift. Suddenly he receives a call on his webcam. Two young girls, Sheena and Megan, want to report a crime.

    Sheena is being stalked by a man she met on the Internet. Mitch contacted Sheena after reading her profile on Instant Messaging (IM). He claimed to be a modelling agent and offered to send her photos to a New York agency that was engaged in a 'search for new faces'. Sheena was thrilled. She filled in the application form Mitch sent her, giving him personal information.

    Soon after, she noticed that a black van was following her in the street. Then she began to receive threatening phone calls. To protect herself from the stalker, Sheena turned to the cyberpolice.

    Challenge: The CyberCop asks Sheena to send the home page for the modelling agency and the application form that Mitch sent her. Students must compare the two documents to determine whether the application form really comes from the modelling agency or whether it was faked by Mitch.

    Solution: Students click on the magnifier and compare the two documents, section by section. When they compare the right side of the two documents a sharp-eyed student should notice that the address of the modelling agency - Berkeley Street - is spelled wrong on the application.

    Megan also posted her profile on instant messaging (IM) where it caught the eye of Mike. The two exchanged emails. Then Mike began to send Megan gifts. Now Mike has invited Megan to a romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant.

    Meanwhile, Sheena has persuaded her cousin to shoot a photo portfolio. She sent Mitch photos in her cheerleading outfit and in street clothes. Soon afterward, Mitch asked Sheena to pose for more provocative pictures, but she refused. 

    Challenge: The CyberCop asks Sheena to send him the profile that she posted on Instant Messaging. She also forwards the photographs she emailed to Mitch. The challenge is to determine whether Mitch would have been able to use this information to discover the location of Sheena's school.

    Solution: The IM Profile indicates that Sheena goes to a Toronto school that is located close to her gym. The logo on her shirt suggests that either her school or her gym has the letters 'ing' in its name. When students use the telephone directory to look up the names and addresses of gyms and schools, they find that Springboard Gym is located on the same street as GlenHigh School. This is how Mitch was able to find the address of the high school that Sheena attends.

    The cyberpolice officer breaks the bad news to Sheena: her photographs have been altered and placed on pornographic websites all over the world. Her dreams of a modelling career are over.

    Then, to the dismay of both girls, the cyberpolice discover that Mitch and Mike are the same man. He has been able to track the two girls because the application form for the modelling agency has placed a Trojan on their computers. 

    "Mitch" is able to open all of their files, read their instant messages, and activate their webcams to videotape them in their bedrooms.

    Challenge: Students are asked what facts they can discover about the man who calls himself Mitch and Mike. They are given his email address and the website of his model search company.

    Solution: Students click on the icon of the Whois to get the information that was filed with Mitch's website when it was registered. They follow the trail of the website owners until it reaches a dead-end in Moscow. However, they do find that Sheena's photos are now posted on a website owned by a man named Vladimir. 

    The CyberCop warns: "We have to catch the predator with his hands on the keyboard or he'll just claim someone else made the child pornography."

    Challenge: First, students must remember an unusual, specific word that was used in a conversation with Mitch: 'Panorama', 'g-string' and 'mysterious beauty' are options. Then, students use Scavenger to search the hard drive of Sheena's computer for the email that contains this word.

    Challenge: Students search the code at the bottom of the email to find the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the server Mitch used. The IP address is embedded in the code:

    Challenge: Nomad technology gives us the latitude and longitude of the computer that Mitch is using. Students have to scour the satellite images for the Toronto building at this location. When students run the cursor over the building, the IP address confirms the address where the police must go to make the arrest.

    Solution: To find Sheena's images, students will have to remember the name of the computer: Keyhole. The cyberpolice enter Mitch's office and arrest him while he is still deleting files from the computer.