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    H&PE at Home

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    Physical Education
    Health Education
    1 - 8

    Ophea’s H&PE at Home Resources have been developed to provide educational and development-focused curriculum-linked resources to support educators, parents/caregivers and all students to keep progressing in their learning.

    Ophea’s H&PE at Home Resources include:

    • Ophea Open Class: Each Monday at 10:30am, April through June, a recorded demonstration video will be posted with a different lesson, game, or activity from Ophea; highlighting curriculum expectations, learning goals, safety requirements, equipment, and success criteria for primary, junior, and intermediate learners. Each Friday at 3:00pm, Ophea will host a live online session with our Ophea Ambassadors to answer questions on that week’s lesson, game, or activity.

    In addition, alongside Ontario's teachers, Ophea has put together a collection of our health and physical education content to use with primary, junior, and intermediate learners to stay healthy and active at home. This collection includes:

    • Mindfulness activities
    • Physical activities
    • Dance activities
    • Physical activities with math
    • Health and financial literacy activities
    • Puberty and health activities

    As always Ophea’s Teaching Tools, including lesson plans are available to support teacher planning for working with families at home.

    Ophea is currently in the process of developing additional H&PE at Home supports to address the gaps identified in our recent needs assessment and environmental scan. The phased release will take place throughout the remaining 2019-20 school year.

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