Implementing Safe PE at Home | Ophea Teaching Tools

    Implementing Safe PE at Home

    At the beginning of the Lesson

    • Explain the lesson: Share with students the learning goals of the lesson, the activities that will be done, and the space and equipment needed.
    • Communicate key safety information: Highlight for students the safety rules to follow during the lesson.
    • Student Safety Check-In: Review the SAFE Student Check-in with students and have them do a self-assessment of each of the items.

    During the Lesson

    • Provide clear direction: Explain, guide and/or demonstrate the activities as well as the strategies to minimize risk.
    • Seek input from students: Provide opportunities throughout the activity for students to confirm their understanding and ask questions if they do not understand or are having difficulties.
    • Be flexible: Provide modifications or change the activity completely if you feel there are concerns with student safety.

    At the end of the Lesson

    • Student Check-Out: Take time for students to reflect on their learning using the SAFE Student Check-Out and encourage the students to discuss with their parent/caregiver.
    • Communicate learning experiences: Provide an opportunity for students to communicate their learning, successes, and/or challenges with the activities and ideas to extend their learning at home.
    • Reflect on the lesson: Take time to reflect on the overall successes of the lesson and areas of improvement to inform future planning.