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    Ophea Open Class

    Ophea is learning with you with Ophea Open Class!

    Units 1-3 include recorded demonstration videos with a different lesson, game, or activity from Ophea; highlighting curriculum expectations, learning goals, safety requirements, equipment, and success criteria for primary, junior, and intermediate learners.

    Unit 4 includes a Welcome Back Choice Board to provide meaningful, safe, engaging quality Health and Physical Education and health promoting opportunities during class time and to support physical activity opportunities before, throughout, and after the school day with consideration to the Government of Ontario’s Guide to Reopening Ontario’s Schools.

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    Key Terms

    • Learners: Primary (grade 1-3), Junior (grade 4-6), Intermediate (grade 7-8)
    • Facilitator: Adult, Sibling, Learner
    • Curriculum Expectations: Health & Physical Education curriculum
    • Learning Goals: Describes what the learning outcomes of the game/activity are.
    • Success Criteria: Describes what the learner is required to do to meet the learning goal and be successful.
    • Extensions: Describes a variation to the game/activity that can extend the learning of the game/activity
    • Accommodations: Adding supports to the game/activity to help the learner be successful
    • Modifications: Changing the expectations in the game/activity to meet the learner’s needs

    Safety Considerations

    Access Ophea’s H&PE at Home Safety Considerations for supports planning for safe H&PE at home for indoor or outdoor lessons; considerations for before, during and after the lesson are provided, including student reflection questions.