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    Ophea Open Class

    Ophea is learning with you through weekly additions to Ophea Open Class! Each Monday, April through June, a recorded demonstration video will be posted with a different lesson, game, or activity from Ophea; highlighting curriculum expectations, learning goals, safety requirements, equipment, and success criteria for primary, junior, and intermediate learners.

    Each Friday, Ophea with our Ophea Ambassadors will host a live online session to answer questions on that week’s lesson, game, or activity.

    Stay connected for updates to #OpheaOpenClass and on how you can join us for “Ask Fridays” by following us online on Twitter and Facebook @OpheaCanada. Subscribe to us on YouTube at Youtube.com/OpheaCanada.

    Key Terms:

    • Learners: Primary (grade 1-3), Junior (grade 4-6), Intermediate (grade 7-8)
    • Facilitator: Adult, Sibling, Learner
    • Curriculum Expectations: Health & Physical Education curriculum
    • Learning Goals: Describes what the learning outcomes of the game/activity are.
    • Success Criteria: Describes what the learner is required to do to meet the learning goal and be successful.
    • Extensions: Describes a variation to the game/activity that can extend the learning of the game/activity
    • Accommodations: Adding supports to the game/activity to help the learner be successful
    • Modifications: Changing the expectations in the game/activity to meet the learner’s needs

    Safety Requirements:

    • Is the ‘home’ equipment being used in the activity safe for the learners? (e.g., no objects with sharp edges)
    • Is the surface where the movement activity is to take place a non slip surface? (e.g., remove area rugs)
    • Is the space where the movement activity is to take place large enough for the number of learners and required movements?
    • Is the space where the movement activity is to take place free of obstacles? (e.g., tables, chairs, outdoor furniture)