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    Safety Considerations for Remote Learning in Physical Education

    The Safety Considerations for Remote Learning in Physical Education is not prescriptive in nature, rather, it supports school boards and educators to consider safe remote learning in physical education and potential risks, protective measures and risk treatment strategies associated with COVID-19. As the situation and context for school boards and schools evolve and policies and recommendations are updated, so too will this document (This information represents Ontario’s context as of September, 2020).

    This section is a supplement to the safety standards already available in Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education (OPASSE) and provides enhanced safety considerations specific to COVID-19 for remote physical education. To support a safe reopening plan, that includes quality physical education during remote learning, school boards and schools are encouraged to review:

    The information in this section aligns with the direction from the Ontario Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, Ophea’s OPASSE requirements, as well as the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Guidance for Schools Kindergarten to Grade 12, and the key messages from PHE Canada’s COVID-19 Pandemic Return to School Canadian Physical and Health Education Guidelines.

    Remote learning provides an opportunity for students to continue their learning in the Health and Physical Education curriculum and supports their ability to meet the overall expectations of the curriculum. It is important to adapt the safety practices used at school during Health and Physical Education to a student’s remote learning environment as well as consider additional risks that may be present.

    This section includes:

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