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    Ophea’s H&PE at Home Resources have been developed to provide educational and development-focused curriculum-linked resources to support educators, parents/caregivers and all students to keep progressing in their learning.

    The resource database and sample activities have been adapted from OASPHE's Getting Started with Learning Outside of the Classroom: Health and Physical Education Secondary Supports.

    In addition, alongside Ontario's teachers, Ophea has put together a collection of our health and physical education content to use with secondary learners to stay healthy and active at home.

    Why health and physical education at home (H&PE at Home)?

    • Highlights the importance of Health and Physical Education: “Health and Physical Education is highly relevant to students’ present and future lives in a complex, global, technology-rich, and rapidly changing world, and students need to understand this if they are to develop the comprehension, commitment, and capacity to participate in and promote healthy, active living.” (Ontario Elementary H&PE Curriculum, 2019 p. 10; Ontario Secondary H&PE Curriculum, 2015, p.10)
    • Supports student success and health and well-being: “Research has shown a connection between increased levels of physical activity and better academic achievement, better concentration, better classroom behaviour, and more focused learning. Other benefits include improvements in mental health and well-being, physical capacity, self-concept, and the ability to cope with stress. ” (Ontario H&PE Curriculum, 2019 p. 7)
    • Continues physical literacy development for students: A student’s physical literacy journey is an ongoing and shared responsibility. PE at Home provides students with the opportunity to learn, practice and demonstrate a variety of skills and strategies, share their learning with their parent/caregiver and reinforce this learning at home.
    • Reinforces key messages about safety: PE at Home provides an opportunity to extend the safety practices used at school during Health and Physical Education to the home. Communicating with parents/caregivers and having students learn about and take increased responsibility for safe practices will encourage the use of consistent practices for all physical activities.